Golden fairies & gnomes with me!

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I was in my Jacuzzi last night beneath the silver full moon.The sky was a deep dark blue & I was relaxing beneath gold & green palm leaves that blew gently in the breeze above me.Relaxing with my hot apple spice tea & candles, I was soaking in the hot water just looking at one of my gnomes I have ( I have a bunch of little fairy & gnome statauettes around my tub ) & I was just looking at the gnome who is riding a frog & playing the flute & all of a sudden I see a pure golden gnome of approximately the same size walk right out of the statue, then saw a golden fairy with fluttering gold wings fly right out of the fairy statue that was right next to the gnome. Tiny golden minesquelle fairies danced around one of the tea light candles next to me & I saw a little golden ballerina fairy & saw tall pure golden fire blazing high from a sculpture I have of 3 fairies holding up a bowl. It was awesome. The ballerina fairy fell down & I telepathically asked her if she was okay. She said, “Of course I’m okay, I’m made of light. Sometimes ya fall down & then you get up!” :-0
A couple of the dancing minesquelle fairies tossed pale gold dust up into the air as they continued to dance around the flickering tea light candle. I saw the bigger fairy that I have blow golden dust from her hand into the air. ( Yes, all this while just laying in my hot tub! ) I thought that I could just stay in there all night long just to see what else I would see!
I looked up into the gorgeous deep blue sky & saw a little white cloud sailing by & I saw a bunch of little golden fairies & other small golden beings upon the cloud dancing & celebrating. They were very excited & were blowing little horns.Then I saw a huuuuuuge golden fairy in the sky that turned into a gold angel that was blowing a long golden trumpet!!!!! It was a sight!!!!! Or sights I should say. ~Something tells me that there will be lots more to come! :-D! So Very exciting!!!!!

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The Magic Necklace by Lux Kronos

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Fairy tales help us understand

Enter The Magic Fairy Kingdom

Magic Realm 5

Once upon a Time there where Fabulicious, Fabutaceous, Beautaceous, Cutaceous, KingCrustaceous, Incantacea Crustacea, Julius,

Ezmerelda, Bocephus & other super fun characters you will meet in this exciting book about fairy friendship, their love for a sick princess & the incredible journey they embark upon. This book will uplift you & introduce you

to an amazing new world filled with incredible beauty, magic & light. Enter a world of dragons, fairies, centaurs, gnomes, trolls, dragon dwarves, a whale named Herbwerth, a merman with retractable crab claw hands & feet, a winged Terrier who can turn into a dragon, snake & scorpion. A man fairy who can shape shift into a bush of purple berries. Insects dressed in finery who stroll The Royal Gardens, a magical island with sherbet skies, sparkling stars, a golden moon, turquoise, purple, green & magenta planets, an Abalone Palace, a walking frog named Boris, a glistening snail named Peadles, jeweled dragonflies, castles, roads of gold, mountains of lavender jade, giraffes & people who arrive at parties on whales!

About the Author
Lux Kronos is a visionary artist & writer who will take you to worlds of great beauty beyond the veil. Be ready for adventure, happiness, excitement and fun!

Hello all fairy lovers & lovers of the magical realms

Hi, I’m Lux Kronos & I have a new book out on Amazon! 😀 It’s called “The Magic Necklace”. My new book is about fairy friendship, their love for a sick princess & the exciting quest they embark upon to get her healing crystals. The fairies travel on dragon’s backs through a magical, dangerous, heavenly kingdom which is filled with incredible beauty, magic & light. You will enter a world of dragons, centaurs, gnomes & trolls in this adventure & you will meet lots of super fun characters & shape shifters like Julius, Mr. Bubash, Fabulicious, Vermillion, Roquefort, Helix, Rocket, Tomatoe, Tarragon, Herbwerth, King Crustaceous, Incantacea Crustacea, Bocephus & more!
This book is for children age 7 – 100! 😀


The magic Necklacelux1

Lux Kronos book The Magic Necklace captivate and amuse audiences around the world.

Customer Reviews:
A great fun uplifting read!

5.0 out of 5 stars
By Stacy Rae Lake on August 21, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Just finished reading Lux Kronos’s new book, “The Magic Necklace”, I loved it….It was so much fun and so cute and uplifting. I couldn’t put it down. The names were dreamy and silly and I felt the book was one big fun dream into another dimension that we had privileged access to. Take a journey into the greatest gift of imagination which is actually reality in a world of deep friendships and tasty tidbits of tantalizing meatballs and sweet music with sacred sounds to hug all hearts!
This adorable book will make adults and all ages of children laugh! This creative fun book has such awesome descriptive characters…..it would be so neat to watch it as an animated movie, like “Finding Nemo”. The names of the creatures just make me smile and giggle!!!! A must read for fun. Also a true book on how to heal ourselves with laughter, love, light and sound techniques!!!!!

Customer Reviews:

A must read!!!
5.0 out of 5 stars
By Bari-Lynn Dimon on August 27, 2015
Format: Paperback
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The description of all the characters put me into a fantasy land that I could feel, taste and smell. I believe it is all real because the writer makes it so. I look forward to reading more and hope they make this into a movie as it is for all ages.
It is a gift of love.

Lux Kronos transported me into a beautiful world that left me feeling so happy and grateful
By Amazon Customer on November 26, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
I picked up this book and didn’t put it down again until I was finished. Lux Kronos transported me into a beautiful world that left me feeling so happy and grateful. I read The Magic Necklace to some seniors I visit monthly and they absolutely loved it.
We can’t wait for the second book to appear.

Customer Reviews:
fun and exciting
By P. Reynolds on April 10, 2016
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
This book is charmingly Magical, mystical, fun and exciting! I love the names of the characters, they just seem so right — Peadles, Mr. Bubash, and Fabulicious … love love love them! What a fun adventure!

There’s something very magical about reading fairytales, it is time to immerse yourself into the fantasy land of The Magic Necklace.  

Fairy tales are everywhere these days. They rival superheroes at the movies and TV, and novelists rush to create their own darker, more relevant versions. But how well do you really know fairy tales?

“People who’ve never read fairy tales,the professor de Lint said, have a harder time coping in life than the people who have.”

This Book Will Change How You Think About Fairytales – It will make you think about the meaning of fairytales all over again.

Fairy Tales Show Us How to Handle Problems

We learn from the characters in stories, even as adults. They help us because we connect to our own lives, dreams, anxieties, and consider what we would do in their shoes. Fairy tales help children learn how to navigate life.

Fairy Tales Develop a Child’s Imagination
Fairy tales feed our imaginations. The wondrous is matter of fact in these tales, so we are encouraged to look for wonder in our own lives. We are given permission to see the world as one of possibility
“When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than any talent for abstract, positive thinking.”
― Albert Einstein

Fairy tales help us understand
The values of once upon a time aren’t so different from our values now. We still yearn for love, for fiscal comfort, for a better life for ourselves and our children.



For all ages – Get this  gift of love today

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”  ― Albert Einstein

The Magic Necklace

Only $12.00 

The Magic Necklace
Only $4.98







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